Vitrail : Deep blue 10, Turquoise 17, Greengold 22, Chartreuse 18, Emerald 13, Violet 25, Red violet 19.
auxiliary products : Gold cerne relief outliner, Ceramic/Vitrail thinner to clean your brush.
brush : Iris round n4.
a glass candy dish.

Carefully degrease the candy dish wih soapy water or alcohol.

Using a felt pen, draw on a paper a regular seedling of rice grains. Cut out the paper and slip it inside the candy dish and use adhesive tape to maintain it if necessary.

With the tube of Gold Cerne Relief, reproduce by transparency the outlines of the rice grains. Make sure to close each design to avoid the colour from running. Allow to dry for 3 hours.

Fill in the designs by alternating the different colours. Delicately lay down , using the tip of the brush, a drop of colour inside each section already outlined.

If an error occurs, wipe off the paint that is still wet with a cotton swab. Allow to dry one day before handling the dish.

Created by Isabelle Hemmer-Zekri