Vitrail, 18 solvent based, transparent and brilliant colours used with the Cerne Relief outliner to produce sumptous stained glass pieces and magnificient illuminations on metal. The Vitrail colours have perfect roundness and incomparable gloss.

colours: transparent, intense and very bright. Solvent based, ready to use and can be mixed together. Good light solidity.
thinner: Ceramic/Vitrail thinner or white-spirit.
cleaning the brushes: Ceramic/Vitrail thinner or white-spirit.
surfaces: glass, polyester, acetate, metal...

Pébéo's Vitrail is applied with a brush to all carefully degreased transparent surfaces : glass, acetate, polyester, plexiglas and also on metal and engraving metal. The 18 "antique" Vitrail colours are dense and very transparent. The decorated surface has good hardness and resists to gentle washing with cold water.

To imitate stained glass, use with Pébéo's Cernes Relief outliners. They are applied directly from the tube with nozzle before applying the Vitrail colours. The Vitrail colours may also be used with bowl technique.

Objects decorated with Vitrail colours are intended for decorative purposes only and should not be considered for practical usage.

The Iris brushes are suitable for the application of these paints. Always clean your brushes delicately using the Ceramic/Vitrail thinner, then rince them in soapy water.

18 Vitrail colours in 45ml and 250ml bottle.
12 Cerne Relief outliner colours in 20ml tube with nozzle.
2 auxiliaires in 45ml and 250ml bottle .
- Vitrail varnish
- Ceramic/Vitrail thinner
1 adhesiv 10metre lead tape.
Vitrail and Relief outliner colours are also available in cases and assortments.
colour chart of Vitrail (pdf file)
colour chart of Cernes Relief (pdf file)

Computer screens do not reproduce the exact colours, so if you prefer to receive a true printed colour chart of Vitrail and Cerne Relief, do not hesitate to contact us !